Orthotics for Heel Pain

Determining the best treatment for heel pain generally requires diagnosis and addressing the mechanical cause of the pain. Prescription orthotics are devices that provide exacting support. Other devices that are used to treat plantar fasciitis heel cups or insoles. These can be custom purchased over the counter and sometimes over the counter orthotics can be helpful. However, your feet are unique and so is your gait. Gait is your stride or the actual movement you perform when walking or running. If you have an abnormal gait your are prone to different conditions or disorders that cause pain and potentially disorders that are progressive. Because everyone’s feet, the way they strike the ground when walking or running, size, shape, muscle/tendon strength and tightness are different, over the counter inserts cannot always address the unique mechanical issue that causes plantar fasciitis. Read our section on What Many People Do Not Know About Orthotics.

As a result, correcting your gait can relieve pain, prevent further damage and prevent progressive foot and ankle conditions. Many people with heel pain benefit from custom orthotics. Patients with multiple issues, such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis can also benefit from prescription orthotics, because both conditions are treated by correcting your gait, providing the unique support and cushioning your feet need. Orthotics align your feet, correct your stride and can alleviate other conditions that result from misalignment.

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Common misconceptions about orthotics are they are cumbersome and over the counter orthotics are just as good. The size and shape of orthotics will vary based on the unique structure of your foot, however these are typically very low profile devices that accommodate most shoes. People may be able to find simple over the counter devices that work for them, however this often involves a trial and error process that can lead to increased pain and potential injury if the orthotic places stress on the foot in the wrong location. Our feet carry the brunt of our weight so ensuring proper support is critical to preventing injury, promote healing of conditions such as plantar fasciitis and much more. If you have tried over the counter orthotics in the past with little or no success we recommend considered the latest technology that takes exacting scans of your feet. This information is digitally processed to provide exacting support.

The composition of your feet and your gait will determine how your feet hit the ground and where pressure or strain is placed during movement. We perform a bio-mechanical gait analysis and custom mold orthotics based on this information. We are now using our latest technology that produces 3-D scans of your feet. Our orthotics scanner produces digital images of your feet used to create prescription orthotics that correct your gait and provide relief better than over the counter orthotic devices.

What Many People Do Not Know About Orthotics.

Prescription orthotics are typically shoe inserts that can supplement the structure of your existing footwear. Prescription orthotics are used to treat many foot and ankle conditions and heel pain is no different in regard to how effective this method is for treating heel pain. When your feet and ankles hurt, so does the rest of your body. Typically, people with heel pain will compensate and modify their gait to relieve pressure where they are experiencing pain. As a result the abnormal movement may trigger more pain in other areas of the foot, ankles or the rest of the body. Most prescription orthotics are low profile devices custom made to exacting specifications to your feet providing the unique support your feet need and correct the positioning of your feet and gait. These devices are easily left in your favorite pair of shoes or slipped into your gym shoes from your work shoes. Most patients report these devices make even their favorite shoes more comfortable. This is because your feet finally have the support they need.

The best orthotics are custom made that match the exact form and function of your feet. Other devices, such as night splints for plantar fasciitis are highly effective treating plantar fasciitis by relieving the strain on the plantar fascia. Specific exercises or stretches are often advised by doctors to assist addressing the strain, which can lead to the tearing of the plantar fascia. Night splints position your foot in a manner that reduces strain similar to stretching and many people prefer this device while others may find it cumbersome. The Seattle Heel Pain Center provides an array of inserts, night splints, heel cups and custom prescription orthotics. A proper diagnosis of your heel pain and identifying the mechanical cause of your pain is the best way to determine the most effective treatment. Many patients report trying numerous over-the-counter devices before coming to see us. These patients are frustrated by continued pain, uncomfortable inserts and the cost associated with trying to treat their condition with a one size fits most approach. Orthotics may not be recommended for each case of plantar fasciitis or heel pain and this can add to the frustration of trying over-the-counter orthotics.Many patients with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other causes of heel pain find relief with our prescription orthotics.


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